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About Us

The main activity of AKAD Technologies LLC is research, development and innovation in the field of biotechnology, development and implementation of innovations and technologies for the production of strategic foods, space foods, healthy bio re-convalescent foods, biostimulants, development and implementation of innovative processes and products based on biocatalyzed and biotransformation reactions.

Our research and development team include experienced and prominent scientists with unique know-how and knowledge in the field of strategic and space foods production.
We are able to construct different shapes and sizes, simple two-level or wall-mounted systems and large warehouses several stories tall.
Our container farms make use of three soil-free systems for providing nutrients to plants; hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic.

We enjoy a network of important relationships with highly experienced scientists and medical experts. These relationships provide significant advantages throughout every stage of our reserach and development cycle, including, but not limited to, product  research, development, certification and management. Our Research and Development Board is an important element of our firm’s network of proprietary relationships. Membership consists of well-respected senior scientists, professors and doctors. The current members of our Research and Development Board include:

Associate Professor TANYA IVANOVA, MD
Director of the Institute of Cryobiology and Food Technology, Sofia, Bulgaria

Professor Kamen Kanev, MD
Head of Emergency Toxicology Clinic
Military Medical Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria

Professor Dr. Ivona Daskalova, MD, PhD, DSc
Head of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Clinic
Military Medical Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria

Professor Dr. Andrey Ivanov, MD
Computer and magnetic resonance imaging
Military Medical Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria

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Prof. Karolina Lubomirova, MD
Head of the Department of Occupational Medicine, Medical Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria

AP. Dr. Eng. Tanya Ivanova
Space Research and Technology Institute
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia Bulgaria