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We create Strategic Food Products

We are a high-tech company that adapted the leading space food technologies of the 20th century
for humanitarian crisis and disaster management of the 21st century.

Serious radiation leaks at the damaged nuclear power plants at Chernobyl and
Fukushima has stoked public fears about acute radiation sickness and
demonstrated the need to research a powerful remedy for radiation exposure. The
war in Ukraine and tensions over Chernobyl and the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power
plant have reawakened public fears of radiation sickness.

Space Foods produced by AKAD Technologies is premium quality food, 100% bio with high nutritional value, long shelf life and extremely light weight. The food is produced by 100% real organic ingredients, high in natural protein and vitamins, without any chemical additives or preservatives. Strategic Food provides balanced nutrition for individuals in various conditions while being easy and safe to store, prepare and consume.

The scope of the project includes identifying the necessary materials and components needed to operate a research container farm and how the container farm should be designed in order to further understand the potential growing capacity of a modified hydroponic container.

Our special production technology allows the end products to have completely preserved flavors and nutrition value. They are of increased vitamin contents. The fruits can be consumed both dry and rehydrated and can be used as ingredients in food industry and confectionary.


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